The Way That Infants Fit Through the Birth Canal, the Majority of Infant Deaths Occurring Within the First Month of Life, Babies Having Specially Positioned Larynxes to Prevent Choking, the Natural Instincts of Infants, Natural Instincts Seemingly Lost Until the Correct Scenario Presents Itself, the Way Infant Attention is Studied, and the Human Brain Having More Neural Connections Than There Are Stars Within the Universe

The head of an infant is too large to pass through the mother’s birth canal in a single shot. To compensate for this, an infant must rotate 90 degrees to be shorter and wider, allowing passage through the first side of the mother’s pelvis, and the rotate 90 degrees once again, reverting back to taller and narrower, allowing passage through the other side. An infants brain doubles in size during it’s first year. 66% of all infant deaths occur within the first month of life. Infants use 80% of the...

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