The Chinese Invention of Moveable Type, Chinese Ru Porcelain Being Prized for its Glaze, the Number of Ru Porcelain Items Worldwide, Common Items Which Hold Supernatural Significance Within Chinese Mythology, Mongolian Emperor Genghis Khan Changing China’s Capital City, Setting Up the Capital City in a Logical Format, Chinese Intellectualism Viewed as a Negative Quality by the Mongols, Jingdenzhen, China Being the Capital of Ceramics, the Practice of Destroying Items Created for the Emperor, the Sport of Grasshopper Fighting, and the Forbidden City Believed to be the Center of the Universe With Perfect Harmony

The Chinese developed moveable type around 1040 AD during the Northern Song Dynasty by the inventor Bi Sheng. Moveable type were essentially dyes which were inked and pressed onto parchment of some kind (eg. silk or paper). This invention was developed a full 400 years before Johan Gutenberg invented the printing press. Ru ware is the most sought after Chinese porcelain as it was so well glazed that Chinese writers of antiquity would write prose and poetry about it. Only 73 pieces exist in the w...

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