Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun Deconstructing His Father’s Legacy, Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II’s Fictitious Victories, the Source for the Sandstone of the Temple of Karnak, the Black Market for Egyptian Goods, Egyptians Cutting Through Their Home Floors to Search for Treasure, Tutankhamun’s Rushed Burial and the Reason it Preserved the Site, Deformation Due to Incest Within Tutankhamun’s Bloodline, the Great Necropolis of Saqqara, Egypt, and Sarcophagi Restoration

Tutankhamun tore down the Sun temples of his heretic father Akhenaten, replacing them with his own. Ramses II sometimes referred to as Ramses the Great erected magnificent monuments boasting of fictitious victories in the temple of Karnak. The sandstone in Karnak is believed to have come from a quarry referred to as Gebel El Silaila, a site so big that it covers 28 square kilometers, half the size of Manhattan, New York. Estimates as of 2016 state that $20,000,000,000 ($20 billion) worth of arti...

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