The Problem of Plastic: More Plastic During the 20th Century Than Any Other Period, Water Bottle Plastic Waste, U.S. Plastic Consumption Per Capita, Plastic Waste by 2050, Pollution of the Mediterranean Sea, the 5 Major Ocean Gyres, Impoverished Nations Burning Plastic as Fuel, Plastic Waste by 2025, Annual Plastic Bag Consumption Worldwide, Plastics Leaking Within the Ocean, the U.S. Navy’s Pyrogenesis Program, the Majority of People Having Traces of Plastic Within Their Body, the Dangers of Heating Polystyrene (Styrofoam), Using Glass, Paper, and Cardboard as an Alternative, Germany’s Legislative Solution to Industrial Plastic Over Production, Rwanda Banning Plastic Entirely, and the Concept of Social Plastic

As of 2012, human beings have made more plastic during the 21st century, than they did during the entire 20th century. 63,000,000,000 (63 billion) gallons of oil are used every year just to supply the US with plastic water bottles. 90% of these bottle are used only once. 38,000,000,000 (38 billion) plastic bottles are thrown away every year in the US which equates to 2,000,000 (2 million) tonnes of plastic arriving in landfills each year, and this value does not include anything outside of plast...

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