The Emperors of Ancient Rome: Ancient Roman Tradition of Displaying Achievements, the Second Emperor of Rome, Emperor Tiberius’ Relationship With his Mother Livia, Tiberius’ Open Pedophilia, Roman Emperor Caligula Practicing Incest, Caligula Enjoying Bloodlust, Emperor Claudius Possibly Having Tourette’s Syndrome, Emperor Nero’s Insatiable Love of the Arts and Forcing His Subjects Into a Locked Room to Indulge Himself, the Ornate Artwork of Emperor Trajan’s Column, Emperor Hadrian Memorialized as an Emperor of Peace, Hadrian’s Most Famous Architectual Achievement, Hadrian’s Lover and the Edifices Erected in Honor of Him, Emperor Antinous Drowning, Hadrian’s City of Antonopoulos in Honor of Antinous and the Cult That Derived From This, Hadrian’s Nickname, and the Size of Rome Under Hadrian’s Rule

The ancient Romans favored placing pictures of their achievements and conquests on monuments as most Romans were illiterate and this was the most effective way to signify to the people the strength of the empire or the strength of an individual. The emperor Tiberius, the adopted son of Augustus, was the second emperor of Rome. Tiberius was quite a cruel person and had a contentious relationship with his mother Livia, to say the least. The quarrels between Tiberius and Livia were so intense that ...

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