The Dunedin Study: Rehabilitation for Criminal Offenders and Traces of Negative Behavior Visible During Childhood, the Role Played by Genetics, and the Role of Illicit Drug Use Affecting Behavior – The Demographic Responsible for Most Criminal Activity World Wide, the Financial Cost of Violent Criminal Offences, the Life Time Financial Cost of a Violent Offender, Rehabilitation During Incarceration Being Largely Ineffective, the Opportune Age Bracket to Intervene and Reduce the Chance of Incarceration During Adulthood, the Concept of “Physiognomy”, English Polymath Francis Galton Creating the Concept of the Criminal Database, the Aspect of the Criminal Database Still Used During the Modern Day, the Argument of Nature vs the Argument of Nurture, the Dunedin Study Pattern Correlated With Criminal Behavior, the Effect of Prior Child Abuse During Adult Life, the Dunedin Study Searching for a Gene Related to Criminal Behavior, the Person Who Helped Enable This Project, the Gene Related to Violent Crime, the Effect of Not Possessing the MAOA Gene, the Number of Human Beings Who Have a Weak MAOA Gene, the U.S. Rhesus Monkey Study of Genetics and Criminal Behavior, the Reason Rhesus Monkeys Were Used to Study the MAOA Gene, the Correlation Between Human Beings and Rhesus Monkeys, the Social Outcome for Rhesus Monkeys With a Weakened MAOA Gene, the Connection Between Childhood Abuse, MAOA, and Antisocial Behavior, the Co-Factors Which Often Result in Violent Criminal Behavior, U.S. Scientists Confirming the Data of the Dunedin Study, the Predicted Leading Cause of Disability by 2025, the Financial Cost of Depression Within the U.S. Annually, the Dunedin Study Confirming the Correlation Between Genetic Predisposition and Depression, the Result of Having the 5HTT Serotonin Transporter Gene, the Result of Having the Short Version of the 5HTT Serotonin Transporter Gene, the Correlation Between Genes and Life Events, the Number of Patients Who Suffer From Schizophrenia, the Gene Related to Schizophrenia, the Correlation Between Cannabis and Schizophrenia, the Reason Cannabis Use Can Affect Intelligence, the Effect of Habitual Cannabis Use During Adolescence, the Most Likely Cannabis Users to Experience Intelligence Degradation, the Average Intelligence Quotient Score of Cannabis Users Who Begin Consuming During Adolescence, the Effect of Losing 8 Intelligence Quotient Score Points, Alternative Studies Confirming the Dunedin Study’s Discoveries, the Impact of Habitual Cannabis Use During Adolescence, the Benefit and Disbenefit of Genetic Predisposition, the Pros and Cons of Individual Genes, the Concept of “Dandelions” and “Orchids”, How Nature Hedges its Bets During Evolutionary Change, the Variable Which Can be Changed When Genetic Predisposition Exists, and the Best Investment Society Can Make to Avoid Future Criminality

5% of men in any given country are responsible for 60% of that nations crime. Violent criminals cost society a lot of money in respect to their victims medical costs, law enforcement time spent investigating and locating these individuals, judicial costs of a fair trial, and correctional facility costs which include housing, feeding, and providing for these people. Violent offenders cost the state between $1,500,000 – $36,000,000 (1.5 million – $36 million) each over the course of their lifetime...

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