The Dunedin Study: Asthma Increasing Across the World, Immigrants Having Higher Rates of Asthma After Migrating, the Correlation Between Larger Sibling Groups and Immunity, Pastoral and Pet Communities Less Likely to Suffer From Allergies, the Hygiene Hypothesis, the Vows of Nuns, the Connection Between Childhood Social Acceptance and Obesity, the Negative Health Impacts of Being Lonely, the Correlation Between Eye Venules, Oxygen, and Schizophrenia, the Connection Between Wider Venules and Lower Intelligence, Wealth Not Changing a Person’s Trajectory if Impoverished During Childhood, the Connection Between Childhood Abuse and Inflammation, Marriage Within the Dunedin Study, the Brain Aging as Fast as the Body, and World Population by 2050

During the 1950’s, asthma affected 1% of the population but the current rate is 10% in developed countries. Asthma kills 3500 people each year in the US annually. Immigrants living in developed nations have higher instances of asthma than their relatives who have stayed in their countries of origin, and it is theorized this occurs because of the hygiene hypothesis, which states that those who are exposed to more germs therefore acquire more antibodies. Researchers within the New Zealand Dundine ...

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