The Ancient Romans and Ancient Celts: The First Ancient Roman Emperor in Britain, Ancient Roman Emperor Julius Caesar’s Description of the Druids (Celtic Priests), the Physical Appearance of the Druids, the System Utilized to Manage Celtic Society, All Ancient Celts Sharing a Common Culture and Pantheon of Deities, the Term Used for Celtic Priests (Druids), Celtic Society Practicing a Rudimentary Judicial System, the High Social Status of Celtic Priests, the Reason Celtic Priests Held Great Influence and Authority Within Celtic Society, the Celtic Practice of Human Sacrifice, the Reason Celtic Society is Not Well Understood During the Modern Day, the Possibility of Caesar Exaggerating the Characteristics of the Ancient Celts to Create Fear for Personal Gain, the Ancient Roman Description of Celtic Priests, the Druid Practice of Divination, the Method Used by the Druids to Prophesize Future Events, the Concept of Celtic “Votive Offerings” to Celtic Deities, the Importance of Location for Celtic Deity Offerings, the Druids Worshipping in Open Air Instead of Temples, Druid Deities Associated With Nature, the Druids Sacrificing Their Most Valuable Possessions for Deities, Ancient Roman Texts Depicting Large Scale Celtic Human Sacrifice Events, the Ancient Celts Collecting Vanquished Enemies to Display at Sacred Sites, the Reason the Ancient Celts Engaged Within This Practice, the Ancient Celts Decapitating All Enemies Upon Display, the Reason the Ancient Celts Practiced Decapitation of Enemies, the High Honor Status of Cremation Within Celtic Society, How the Ancient Celts Housed Cremated Remains, the Reason Celtic Weaponry Would Often Have a Blade Edge of 48 Degrees, the Hypocrisy of Human Sacrifice by the Ancient Romans Toward the Ancient Celts, the Evolving Ancient Roman View of Human Sacrifice Leading Toward This Hypocrisy, Ancient Roman vs Ancient Celt Cruelty, the View of Public Executions Within Ancient Rome, the Military Force Utilized to Invade Britain, the Ancient Romans Creating Alliances With Celtic Tribes, Celtic Resistance Toward Ancient Roman Occupation Within the North and West of Britian, Ancient Roman Emperor Claudius Ordering the Destruction of the Druid Religion, Ancient Rome Sending a Military Force to Repel Insurgency Within the Western Celtic Tribes, the Celts Practicing Cannibalism, the Only Ancient Roman Person to Confirm the Celts Practicing Cannibalism, the Reason the Celts Practiced Cannibalism, Ancient Roman Emperor Gaius Suetonius Paulinus Invading Britain to Disband the Druid Stronghold of Anglesey, Wales, the Discovery of the Lindow Man Bog Human Remains, the Arrested State of Decomposition of Lindow Man, the Injuries Suffered by Lindow Man, Lindow Man Helping Scientists and Historians Understand Ritualistic Druid Sacrifice, the Significance of Mistletoe Within the Stomach of Lindow Man, the Druids Practicing Human Sacrifice Using Fellow Druids, Ancient Roman Emperor Augustus and Ancient Roman Emperor Tiberius Causing Druidry to Become Illegal to Dismantle the Celtic Civilization and Stop Roman Citizens From Practicing Druid Customs, the Reason Lindow Man is Confirmed to Have Been a High Social Status Individual, the Ancient Romans Using Specialized Boats to Invade Anglesey, the Reason Anglesey Became a Beacon for Insurgency, Ancient Roman Historian Tacitus’ Account of the Ancient Romans Converging With the Ancient Celts at Anglesey, the Ancient Romans Winning This Last Stand, the Ancient Romans Cremating All Involved With the Insurgency, and the Ancient Roman Empire Taking Control of Britain for Centuries

Fresh from his conquest of Gaul, Julius Caesar became the first Roman general in Britain. Caesar describes his accounts with the Druid’s he encounters stating that they are “a people of strange and fearsome appearance”. Druids were known to paint their faces blue and wear their hair long while having the rest of their bodies shaved. The people described by Caesar were Celts. The Celtic society was highly divided into small sects of tribal groups run by warrior king’s and chieftains. All Celts ho...

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