The Crystal Skulls of South America: The Skull of Doom Proven as a 19th Century Reproduction, the Character of Indiana Jones Based Upon Amateur Archeologist Frederick Albert Mitchell-Hedges, the Reason the Skull of Doom Has Been Verified as a Hoax, the Theory of Quartz Being Used as an Ancient Computer or Alien Technology, and Modern Day Polishing Revealing All Crystal Skulls as a Hoax

The crystal skull of South America entitled the “Skull of Doom”, claimed to have been found 1924 by Anna Mitchell-Hedges, the adopted daughter of British adventurer, amateur archeologist, and author Frederick Albert Mitchell-Hedges has been proven to be a 19th century creation. The character of Indian Jones was based upon Mitchen-Hedges. Rigorous scientific scrutiny using X-ray spectroscopy and electron microscope magnification has definitively proven that the Skull of Doom and every other cryst...

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