Hummingbird Brain, Heart, and Wings, Hummingbirds Being Territorial, Hummingbird Memory, Hummingbird Metabolism, Episodic Memory, the Social Intelligence of the Cleaner Wrasse Fish, British Primatologist Jane Goodall Naming Her Subjects, Matrilineal Whale Societies, and the Etymology of “Sperm Whale”

The hummingbird has a brain the size of a grain of rice, a heart which beats at over 1000 beats per minute and wings which beat at over 70 beats per second which is more than 4200 times per minute. Hummingbirds are territorial and have hundreds of thousands of flowers within their territory. Hummingbirds seem to remember where a flower is after just a single visit, and they must keep straight which flowers have the best food, which flowers they’ve been to, and where those flowers are located, a ...

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