The Mughal Empire: Mughal Gardens, Shah Jahan, the Painting Technique of Parchin Kari, the Building of the Taj Mahal, British Poet Sir Edwin Arnold’s Quotation of the Taj Mahal, and Britain’s Divide and Conquer Strategy of Hindus and Muslims During the British Raj and the Permanent Fracture of India and Pakistan

The Mughal empire began in the mountains of Central Asia which is modern day Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. At the beginning of the 16th century, the empire moved south towards the riches that lay beyond the river Indus. Lahore, Pakistan is home to many gardens which used symmetry and water features to display the wealth and ingenuity of the Mughal emperors who built them. In Islam, like Judaism and Christianity, paradise is often depicted as a garden, which is why this motif is so prevalent. Garde...

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