Dutch Artist Vincent Van Gogh: Van Gogh’s Father Trying to Comit Van Gogh into an Insane Asylum After Pledging to Marry a Prostitute, Brother Theo’s Financial Assistance, the Psudoscience of Phrenology Within Van Gogh’s Work, Van Gogh’s Bird Nest Obsession, the Potato Eaters Painting Causing Trouble for Van Gogh, the Reason Van Gogh Never Smiled in Self-Portraits, the Hallucinagenic Absinthe Drink, Van Gogh’s Collection of 230 Paintings, and Collecting Japanese Prints and the Effect This Had Upon Van Gogh’s Artwork

Vincent Van Gogh’s father tried to have Van Gogh committed to an insane asylum when he learned by letter that Van Gogh had been living with a prostitute. It’s widely agreed upon by experts that the person who told Van Gogh’s father was Van Gogh’s old boss from the Goupils in The Hague, Mr. Tersteeg. Although Van Gogh had pledged to marry this woman named Sien (pronounced "seen"), he left her after a year with the reason as to why remaining unclear. Sien’s mother surely played a role in this deci...

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