United Nations Peacekeepers Committing Sexual Abuse: United Nations Peacekeepers Committing Sexual Abuse in Impoverished Vulnerable Nations, Clandestine Cover Up Funds, No Criminal Jurisdiction by the United Nations for Peacekeepers, Martial Court Prosecution, French United Nations Peacekeeper Didier Bourguet’s Multiple Abhorrent Child Sexual Abuses, World Judicial Systems Failing to Protect Victims, and the Abysmal Prosecution Rate of Offenders

Over 2000 abuses, most sexual, were levied by impoverished people against United Nations peacekeepers, both uniformed and civilian, between 1992 - 2004. The majority of these alleged abuses occurred in Central Africa and the Middle East including India. The Democratic Republic of Congo has more alleged victims than any other nation. It is not at all uncommon for victims to claim that their abusers provided them with monetary compensation for their silence immediately after the offence commenced,...

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