The Importance of Trees Around the World: The Japanese Concept of Shinrin-Yoku, Medication Derived from Natural Sources, the American Redwood and its Growth Patterns, the Ancient Druids Working Within Society, the Importance of the Oak Tree to the Ancient Druids and Celtic People, Gallotannin Secretions Used Within Medicine, the Structure of the Druid Alphabet, Trees and Large Stone Slabs as Information and Communication Hubs, the Scots Pine Tree and its Benefit to Birds and Insects, the Boreal Forest, and Lychen

For over 1000 years the Japanese have been visiting Japanese forests to engage within “shinrin-yoku” which means “forest bathing” in Japanese. Everyone from school children to teenagers to adults and the elderly engage in this practice as it is believed that doing so immerses ones self in the bath of medicinal aerosols which makeup the forest atmosphere. Feeling refreshed and invigorated after undergoing a walk in the forest can be explained chemically as the aerosols given off by trees directly...

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