Fermat’s Last Theorem: The Last Problem French Mathematician Pierre De Fermat Solved, the Last Thing Fermat Wrote, Fermat’s Tendency to Write in Page Margins but Not Show Proof, Fermat’s Claims Proved Over Time, Fermat’s Last Claim Unsolved for Centuries, Fermat’s Last Answer for the Pythagorean Equation, and the Modern Day British Mathematician Who Resolved the Pythagorean Equation

Fermat's Last Theorem was the last problem Pierre De Fermat ever claimed to have solved. Fermat often wrote in the margin of books he was reading and one evening, while reading Arithmetica by the Greek mathematician Diophantus, he wrote "I have the answer to this equation, but the margin is too small to contain it" after which he died, later that night. Fermat was famous for writing in the margin of a book when he had the answer but never gave the answer. Sure enough, each one of his margins whi...

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