The Medieval Age Concept of Rebirth After Death, the Purpose of Living Wills Throughout Antiquity, the Living Will Left Behind By English King Henry VII, the Belief of Charity Being Mutually Beneficial Throughout History, the Reason St. Christopher is the Most Survived Portrait of the Medieval Age, Changes to Religious Convention Due to Desperation From the Bubonic Plague, the Concept and Purpose of All Souls Day, and English King Henry VIII Practicing as a Catholic Despite Dying as a Protestant

During the medieval age, it was believed that regardless if one died during infancy or at the age of 100, they would always be redirected after death in perfect condition and at age 33, a mirror of the age in which Jesus Chris died in the cross for the sins of humanity. Living wills and testaments were designed because it was believed that being prayed for sped up the time in which one stayed in purgatory. Living wills often instructed people to pray for the deceased a set amount of times per da...

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