The Earth’s Orbit of the Sun, the Suns Inevitable Expansion, the Sun Becoming the Same Size as the Earth, the Sun Becoming Brighter Over Time, Wind Speed on Venus, Prediction for the Earth in the Far Future, Mars Becoming Habitable, Jupiter Becoming Habitable, Jupiter Becoming Blue, Saturn Becoming Habitable, Uranus and Neptune Becoming Habitable, Mountain Range Altitude on Pluto, the Sun Drawing the Earth Into It, and the Future Rotation and Temperature of Earth Due to the Sun

The earth orbits 215x the width of the sun and the sun will expand to 250x it’s current mass when it becomes a red giant. The Earth will not only be annihilated from heat and light, it will also be consumed. When the sun turns into a white dwarf it will be approximately the same size as the Earth. The sun produces 600,000,000 (600 million) tonnes of helium every second and as a result, the sun becomes 10% brighter every billion years. Winds on Venus blow at 560 kilometers per hour. It is estimat...

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