The Reason the Oceans On Mars Evaporated, the Reason Mars has Saltwater, the Fluctuating Poles of Mars, the Etymology of “Tardigrade”, the Reason Tardigrades Can Survive Inhospitable Conditions Via Specialized Hibernation, the Size of Jupiter’s Moon Enceladus, the Cassini Probe Confirming Water On Enceladus, the Reason Silica Was Found Within the Water of Enceladus, and the Size Ratio of Submarines

Mars’ atmosphere was sensitive to solar radiation which caused it’s oceans to evaporate away leaving only 13% remaining at the Martian poles. Mars’ water is salty because it has potassium chlorite which helps keep it liquid, even at freezing temperatures. Mars’ pole wobbles by 10 degrees, causing severe weather changes, similar to Earth’s ice ages. The term “tardigrade” means “slow step” in Latin. Tardigrades can survive in dry conditions because they roll up into a specialized tight ball and un...

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