The Killing of Dolphins and Whales: Dolphins Prone to Ulcers During Periods of Stress, Dolphins and Whales Able to Consciously Commit Suicide, the Reason Japan Lay Outside of the 1981 International Whaling Commission Banning the Capture and Killing of Whales and Dolphins, the Reason the International Whaling Commission Has Influence and Authority, the Scientific Study Loophole of the International Whaling Commission Ban, Dolphin Meat Heavily Laden With Mercury, Japanese Law Allowing Detention for 28 Days Without Accusation of a Criminal Offense, American Biologist Dr. Roger Payne Helping Initiate the World’s First Environmental Protest, the Japanese Government Paying the City of Taiji, Japan to Capture and Kill Dolphins, the Japanese Government Manipulating the Media to Draw Attention Away From the Dolphin and Whale Hunting Issue, Total Collapse of the World’s Oceans Predicted by 2045, and the Japanese Government Funding Small Nations to Acquire Support For its Treatment of Dolphins and Desire to Overturn the 1986 Anti-Whaling Ban

Dolphins are incredibly prone to ulcers from stress when in captivity. Dolphins and whales alike are not unconscious in their breathing pattern, in that they need to think about the next breath they take and then take it. Dolphins and whales can commit suicide if they are stressed beyond measure by consciously making the decision not to take another breath. The International Whaling Commission banned the capture and killing of whales in 1986 but because Japan is a nation which consumes whales an...

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