The Chachapoya of the Peruvian Andes: The Chachapoya Vanishing, the Kuelap Cemetery and Cliffside Mausoleums, the Primary Deposition Burial Practice, Leveraging Pottery to Date Events, People, and Objects, Invasion by the Spaniards, Analyzing How the Chachapoya Died, Human Sacrifice on an Unprecedented Scale, the Tinterro (Temple) and its Treasures, Physical Evidence of Attack(s) Taking Place, Exterminating All Chachapoya Men, Women, and Children, Disease From Europe, and Evidence of a Massive Fire

9800’ above sea level, hidden deep in the Peruvian Andes, Kuelap is the center of the lost civilization of the Chachapoya which means the “cloud warriors of Peru” in the indigenous Quechua language. The Chachapoya vanished without a trace, virtually overnight. Kuelap is a cemetery, with the 60’ city walls built with the bones of the people who inhabited it. Radiocarbon dating approximate Kuelap to have been built in the first few centuries AD. Deceased were also buried in cliffside mausoleums, b...

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