Climate Change: The Top U.S. State at Risk for Climate Change, Annual Flooding in Miami, United States of America and Future Risk, the Top 10 Cities at Risk for Climate Change by 2070, Solar Technology Estimates Shattered by Progress, Life Expectancy Decreasing in China Due to Pollution, Total Carbon Emissions Daily, Middle Eastern Countries Preparing for Heat Waves by Pre-Digging Graves, Tropical Pathogens Now Found in Non-Tropical Regions, the Reasons Why Tropical Pathogens Now Thrive in Some Non-Tropical Areas, Carbon Emissions and the Developing World, Why Developing Countries Believe Fossil Fuels are Permissible for Growth, and Total Solar Energy of the World Per Hour

Miami, United States of America is the number one city in the world in terms of risk related to global warming and flooding. Miami has experienced and continues to experience flooding of its streets each year as tides grow increasingly higher with each passing year. Projections estimate a full 6” of flooding by 2030, 2’ by 2060, and 7’ or more by 2100. The top 10 cities at risk in terms of population density by 2070 in ascending order are Kolkata, India, Mumbai, India, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Guangzh...

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