Bees: Pollinating Crops, Honey Considered Sacred Throughout History, Austrian Philosopher Rudolf Steiner’s Prediction of Bee Collapse, Transporting Bees to Pollinate California, United States of America Crops, Antibiotic Use Upon Bees, Australian Bees Bringing Disease to North American Bees, the Concept of Monoculture, Transforming Pollen into Honey, Scent Calibrated Similarly in Human Beings and Bees, Pesticide Use Upon Bees, the New Class of Insecticide, Neonicotinoid Causing Nerve Damage to Bees, Harnessing Electrostatic Energy to Carry Pollen, How Genetic Engineering is Physically Performed, the Queen Bee’s First Mating Session, the Lifespan and Reproduction Rate of the Queen, Chemicals Banned in Australia Making Australian Bees Healthier for Consumers, and Bee Venom vs. Rattlesnake Venom

The bee is important because it pollinated 40% of agricultural crops. The bee can trace its roots back to its first ancestor 150,000,000 (150 million) years ago. Throughout antiquity, honey has been considered a sacred commodity and it was not sold until the end of the 19th century. Most honey before this period was provided as a gift. Honey has enzymes, nutrients, and trace minerals. 50% of the Earth’s mantle is silica. Rudolf Steiner who was a scientist, philosopher, and social innovator, gave...

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