Ancient Egyptian Mummification Beliefs, Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs Merging With the Sun, the Tests a Pharaoh Would Undergo Post Mortem, Benefits Pharaoh’s Enjoyed During the First Dynasty, Human Sacrifice of Servants by the Pharaoh Djer, Djer’s Subsidiary Burials, and the Concept of a Devil in Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians believed that if a body was properly preserved, the soul would recognize it later on in the underworld allowing for reunification. It was believed that when a king died, they united with the sun and became juxtaposed as one being, the sun god. The night that a king passed, they would have to journey into the underworld and pass 12 gates, 1 for each hour of the night. It took both purity and magical knowledge and strength to pass from one level to the next. During the first ...

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