Plant Energy, the Reason Bamboo is So Strong, Lignin Within Plants, the Reason Plants are Green, Cheetah Claw and Tail Usage, Cheetah Hunting Tactics, Monkeys in Bali Stealing From Tourists and Bartering for Food, the Beginning of all Life, and the Development of Mitochondria

Collectively, every plant on Earth generate and store 100 terrawatts of power each year using photosynthesis, enough to match the energy expenditure of the modern world 6x over. Bamboo can grow 8 - 10 stories high because of a molecule it contains referred to as “lignin”, an internal scaffolding. Lignin evolved around 400,000,000 (400 million) years ago and it changed that world, providing structural strength for plants allowing them to grow tall. The reason plants are green on Earth is because ...

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